about typedifferent

since 1995, büro destruct is releasing its display and logotype fonts under the label «typedifferent».
the typefaces are categorized in the years of their creation. from more than 120 fonts bd made available about half of them free.

some thoughts on typography:

the sunny side of typography is experimenting with the visual language.

readability is the underwear – originality is a dress code.

titles and logotypes with original typefaces stimulate readers curiosity.
little extra effort to decipher letters will pay out in better recognizability.

typefaces have different stylistic dialects.
it is good to speak the same language as the readers.

typographic rules are here to break.
letters gain character by interfering their readability.

new shapes for typefaces can be found in unreadable things.
inspiration for new alphabets is everywhere.

if a font looks outdated at the moment – the font is probably just some years ahead.

a perfect font suffers from personality.

black and white are the colors of letters. gray is the color of text.

last but not least: a font is never complete.